Santa Monica

Councilmember Kevin McKeown


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I work for our school district because it lets me contribute directly to the future of our kids.

At Pico Youth and Family Center I honored a high school guidance counselor who made all the difference in my life.

Too much traffic and not enough parking reflect past decades of poorly planned growth.

This was taped by CityTV as an unrehearsed and unedited interview in election season.

Current economic conditions make protecting housing stability and affordability even more crucial. 

After many months of hard work, community members proposed a specific solution: a “fair fight” fund.

A poorly worded marijuana enforcement initiative came to us through signatures.  I wanted to get the language right.

Whose Santa Monica is it? Representing residents is why I’m on the City Council.

In each of my elections, I’ve enjoyed the strong support of our police and firefighters.

Veterans for Peace honor lives lost in Afghanistan and Iraq. Memorial Day, on KPFK.

It is the most vulnerable among us who are most seriously threatened by the loss of affordable housing.

We have made real progress on homelessness in the last few years, but much work remains.

Campaign finance reform is essential, as ever more outside money tries to “buy” local elections.

As a bicyclist myself, I feel inherent kinship with riders. “Critical Mass”
was a chance for dialogue.

Special education divided our community until parents spurred successful rethinking of the issue.

Protecting existing residents and neighborhoods must be our first land use planning priority.

Santa Monica boasts a city parking structure that’s LEED-certified and solar-generating.

Spring means one thing: Play Ball! as Little League season begins at Memorial Park.

Radio: ban on styrofoam

Radio: make polluters pay

Electric vehicles mean cleaner air. EV owners will always get a charge out of Santa Monica.

In fire dispatch, a matter of seconds can save lives.  Our firefighters are there for you.

Trains by 2015?  Let’s carefully decide how best to serve Santa Monica with Expo Line light rail.

An appointment to the Council’s vacant seat took four votes, and it took us eight rounds to get there.

No way we can let Santa Monica be forced into a train maintenance yard in the Pico neighborhood. 

Radio: condo conversions vs. rental housing

Our most valuable resource is you.  Affordable housing must top our priorities for redevelopment funds.

Universal single-payer health care could save Santa Monica $6 million.  Got your attention?

How could a rail yard next to homes even be considered?  Were the right criteria used?

If the Metro Board won’t move their yard elsewhere, how do we protect nearby families?

New study: Underpricing parking is subsidizing driving and increasing traffic.  Can we make changes?

If we swap land to make space for a buffer, will they just try to build an even bigger yard?

So-called “declawing” of cats is really multiple toe amputation.  We’ve banned it as animal cruelty.

Radio: Broad museum in SM Civic Center?

Expo would expand the yard and storage of trains without  more CEQA study I challenge that.

Santa Monica Airport needs to be made safer.  Since this 2007 rally, Santa Monica has sued the FAA.

Renters deserve fair warning of threats to evict.  Here’s how I would better protect renters.

(I add videos here regularly,   when new issues come up)

Leafblowers create both noise and health issues, sending dangerous filth into our lungs.  Had enough?

Whale sushi at a Santa Monica restaurant?  Not under our lease, or with our business license!

How does free music at sunset over the ocean sound?  The Twilight Dance Series needs help.

Big Blue Bus fares must stay fair.  Senior citizens and students can’t be priced off our mass transit.

Second-hand smoke is a health threat, and even your neighbor’s smoke can put you at risk.

Santa Monica’s historic airport is now surrounded by homes. That’s why I challenged the FAA on safety.

All renters need protection against unfair evictions, especially seniors.  This November, vote for Measure R!

Instead of higher bus fares, we should let all Santa Monica residents have a free bus pass.

Our airport has become a pressing issue, and our community must plan for a safer, cleaner future.

Car traffic is strangling us.  Transit, slowed development, and streets safer for walking and biking will help.

Commercial development means more traffic.  I support housing and neighborhoods instead.

Homelessness continues to be a national disgrace, but we locally have made some real progress.

Unrehearsed and unedited, this CityTV interview covers many hot issues in the 2010 Council election.

When an area master plan is still incomplete, should we be saying yes to development agreements?

When an applicant for special favors is a campaign donor, shouldn’t you know that?  The issue is disclosure.

One might ask why four Council members tried to bury disclosure in questions, and voted against it.

TV BLACKOUT!  What actions might a CIty Council take if they were guaranteed no one was watching?

Council candidates get more than $15,000 in public support. Should they show resident backing first?

A big donor to five Councilmembers asked to develop our Bergamot light rail station.  I said no.  Here’s why.

Forty years ago we saved the SM Pier.  Now we’ve saved the Civic.  But why was it a 4-3 split vote?

A huge project in a traffic-snarled part of town carries huge risks.  I think we need the facts first.

Don’t fence me in!  Our new Expo light rail should integrate with a “complete street” down Colorado.

Santa Monica CIty Attorney Marsha Moutrie’s excellent summary of airport legal issues.

Neighborhood preservation isn’t just for landmarks -- it’s about our housing, people, and families.

Close Santa Monica Airport?  The previously unspoken option is now on the table for ongoing discussion.

Seasonal displays in a public park drained the holiday of “peace and good will,” forcing a tradition to end.

A moratorium on the opening of medical marijuana dispensaries should be used to get it right.

Towers along Ocean Avenue -- should Development Agreements

precede a Downtown Master Plan?

In an emergency, having public safety first responders live nearby in our neighborhoods could save your life.

Affordability and accessibility are the key concepts for our new 2013 Housing Element.

In the heart of downtown, on land we own, how to best balance benefits and good jobs against height?

Fun, magic, and public safety -- can they mix like sand, surf, and music at our Pier concerts?

How do we get young residents as excited about the future of the City they’ll live in as we older folks are?

After decades of hard work by good people, homelessness is still a challenge.  What next?

What is now an airport may some day be a park, but it definitely won’t be a high-impact development site.

Residents force the Council majority to backtrack on Hines -- high fives and jazz happy hands all around!

Update on the heart of downtown: now that we have options, which best creates real community benefits?

Three massive hotel and luxury condo towers along our coastal skyline, and residents have no say?

As market rents rise, so do reports of tenant harassment.  I’m fighting to protect renters and avoid evictions.

What would closing the airport mean to non-aviation tenants whose leases are about to expire?

Bergamot Arts Center:  crucial to our cultural life, key to planning for the arrival of light rail.  What’s its future?

Commercial developers should pay for housing impacts, but the current Council keeps rolling over.

Introduction (CityTV 2014 election video):  Accessible, responsive, and effective.  I’m your voice at City Hall.

Development (CityTV 2014 election video): Committed to slow growth, supported by SMRR and SMCLC.

Traffic and Transportation (CityTV 2014 election video):  We must stop building ourselves into gridlock.

Ballot Measures (CityTV 2014 election video):  Yes on H & HH, yes on LC, no on D, yes on FS.

Why I love Santa Monica (CityTV 2014 election video):  The place is stunning and the people are special.

Development, affordable housing, parking, the airport, light rail, and gentrification, all in five minutes!

I’m honored by, and grateful for, your support in electing me six times!

After 16 years on the Santa Monica City Council, I was unanimously elected Mayor by my colleagues.

Radio: What is “wellbeing”?

Radio: local SM minimum wage

KCET gave me the welcome chance to show off our town and explain why I love it so.

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