Santa Monica

Councilmember Kevin McKeown


The first major proposal under our new LUCE came from a developer who’d spread about $50,000 in election donations across five of my colleagues.

When the public decried the

contributions, tempers flared.

The project itself, however, just didn’t fit the LUCE plans for the new Bergamot Transit Village.  Based on a negative staff report and much public testimony against what Hines had presented, the Council passed my motion to say “no.”

RESOURCES:  You can puzzle through the campaign filings here.  Wouldn’t voluntary

disclosure by Councilmembers at the time of a major decision be easier?

If you’d like to see what members of the public said – including their figures on how many thousands of dollars this particular developer gave to some sitting Councilmembers, and how one Councilmember responded – Anjuli Kronheim of Common Cause has posted that video here.