Santa Monica

Councilmember Kevin McKeown


This page is a two-fer!

If you have the patience to watch both videos, the top and most recent one from June of 2014 and the bottom one from December of 2013, you can follow the evolution of my thinking on a crucial piece of downtown land owned not by speculators but by our city itself -- by our residents.

Balancing community benefits versus height became a key issue -- first, as we chose a partner in our plan, back in December 2013 (below), and then in June of 2014 when we gave our new partner direction on how to proceed.

Because the land is ultimately under residents’ control, we have a unique and exciting opportunity to create spaces and places that will be a benefit to all of us who live here.  Can we do all this, and create good jobs, without too much height?

No project has yet been given approval.  There is a full public process yet to come, including hearings before the Planning Commission, Architectural Review Board, and again the City Council.


JUNE 2014: