Santa Monica

Councilmember Kevin McKeown


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“Declawing” a cat really means amputating the last joints of all ten of its toes, crippling both paws.  I’m proud that we have made declawing a cat illegal in Santa Monica.

My friends from the California Nurses Association certainly know that.  I’m  standing with them outside St. John’s Hospital, where our local nurses just won the right to union representation.

Your neighbor’s second-hand smoke isn’t just a nuisance, it’s a proven health threat.  How can we best protect against wafting smoke, without putting our neighbors at risk of eviction?  We continue to struggle with this, and seek a solution that works and is fair.

Few issues brought out such emotion as the question of winter displays in Palisades Park.  I voted to retain the tradition but move it to private property, not a public park, so those celebrating their beliefs can do so with dignity, not disparagement or disrespect. 

I’m honored by, and grateful for, your support in electing me six times!