Santa Monica

Councilmember Kevin McKeown


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I work hard to keep Santa Monica a vibrant place to make a living, as well as to make a home.  In 2005, I argued successfully for ending the City tax on small businesses, under $40K gross. This relief should encourage small home businesses and a more sustainable lifestyle. People working at home don't commute and pollute, and they tend to shop and dine close to home. Everyone benefits from fewer cars on the road, going from home to work and back. Local businesses and restaurants thrive on neighborhood customers who no longer spend their money out of town, away from home, near distant jobs.

Now more than ever, thanks to Measure Y, we do our town a favor when we “buy local”!  We support businesses that serve our community, owned and staffed by our neighbors -- and did you know that we taxpayers get a penny and a half back on every dollar spent in Santa Monica?  When we buy somewhere else, someone else’s city and schools get that money.

Our City government needs to “buy local,” too.  At my urging, our CIty Council adopted a renewed policy favoring local businesses for City bids.  It makes sense for City Hall to buy from local vendors if their prices for scarce taxpayer dollars are competitive.

Sustainable business practices include the dignity of a living wage for local workers.  I’m proud to have been at the forefront of the Living Wage movement in Santa Monica, and to have helped enact guaranteed living wages with health care allowances not only for City workers but for every employee of companies with whom our City contracts.

Working with our Chamber of Commerce, Santa Monica honors our best green businesses every year with the coveted “Sustainable Quality Awards.”  You really want to do business with our winners – see the full list here.

Santa Monica is committed to green jobs and green business infrastructure.  I’ve helped inaugurate a publicly accessible compressed natural gas fueling station (top), and solar panel installation at The Lobster restaurant atop our landmark Santa Monica Pier (above).

Want to “green” your business?  Here are some resources:

City of Santa Monica Office of Sustainability and the Environment

The Business Greening Program at Sustainable Works

Santa Monica Green Business Certification

Chamber/City Sustainable Quality Awards

Doing business in Santa Monica

The heart of Santa Monica’s successful downtown is the Third Street Promenade.  Here I’m congratulating maintenance supervisor Eddie Greenberg, “the green Dean of Clean,” on 30 years serving our city.

I’m honored by, and grateful for, your support in electing me six times!