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Councilmember Kevin McKeown


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our ban on styrofoam

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Environmental ...parking?

I’m not your garden-variety or mountaintop environmentalist, I guess.  I’m more of an urban environmentalist, committed to protecting our planet from the sadly unwise harms we cause through heedless and unsustainable practices that stem from our collectively losing touch with our natural environment.  My focus is what we in Santa Monica can do to live light on the land.

Keeping our beaches clean is a Santa Monica priority!

our generations are tasked with rethinking how we live, making fundamental changes, and creating  a truly sustainable future, before it’s too late.  As I declared eleven years ago in an article for the Sierra Club paper, “Remedial environmentalism is so Twentieth Century!”

One key is Santa Monica’s Sustainable City Plan, which I helped develop.  Another is our Sustainability Rights Ordinance, which I championed. We must do more than repair the damage already done;

It was truly an honor to be recognized  by the Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters, but the award was really for all of us in Santa Monica.

I can usually get anywhere in Santa Monica faster by bike

Yes, I’m a vegetarian.

With “Who Killed the Electric Car?” director Chris Paine, and Santa Monica environmentalists Summer Bowen and Siel Ju (blogger green LA girl).

Celebrating “EcoDay” at Santa Monica College, home of our Santa Monica Green Team consultants, Sustainable Works.  Know your ecological footprint?

I’m honored by, and grateful for, your support in electing me six times!