You may have seen, at the bottom of my recent emails, a request that you use the correct one of two possible email addresses, depending on the reason you’re writing to me.

Santa Monica

Councilmember Kevin McKeown


Welcome page of Kevin’s website

I’m very sorry to inconvenience you by changing how you must contact me as your Councilmember.  When I was first elected in 1998, I already had conversations underway with hundreds of residents using my personal email address,  Not only was this convenient; it seemed more friendly and personal.

Almost 20 years later, City legal staff has advised me they’d prefer that all City-specific communications go through the Santa Monica computer system, using my email address.  While every email I’ve ever sent or received regarding City business has already been a public record, archived and made available for public records requests or litigation, moving to will automate the process.

My email was never on a “private server.”  While I’ve had my own internet domain ( since the mid-90s, my email and website are hosted on computers operated by Pair Networks, the same company I used back in the day when I was a computer consultant for local non-profits to set up email and websites for the Ocean Park Community Center, the 18th Street Arts Center, etc.

I will retain for personal email correspondence, but from now on please send any email regarding the City and my role as your Councilmember to my City address,


I cannot protect your personal privacy if you do so, because any mail sent to the City address is a public record, and remains on the City servers, where I have no control.  Whether your email to me at is disclosed to anyone who asks is up to the City’s legal team, not up to me.

Thanks for understanding,

Use for:

City of Santa Monica (governmental)

City questions, complaints, or praise

My representation of you, including as

City of Santa Monica Councilmember

Westside Cities Council of Govmnts

S.M. Bay Restoration Commission
Clean Power Alliance of Southern
  California Board of Directors

Use for:

Personal messages

Campaigning, for me or anyone else

Partisan political email, such as

Santa Monicans for Renters’ Rights

Santa Monica Democratic Club

Feel the Bern Democratic Club

California Democratic Party

CADEM Irish-American Caucus