Santa Monica Mayor Kevin McKeown


Thank you, Santa Monica.  In November of 2018, you elected me to my sixth term on our City Council.  As always, my campaign took no corporate contributions nor developer donations.  Over 85% of my contributors were individual residents of our city (an unprecedented proportion), and I won in every single precinct citywide.

I am proud to serve again as your Councilmember! 
I represent Santa Monica on the Westside Cities Council of Governments, on the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission, and as your Director on the Board of the Clean Power Alliance, now bringing 100% renewably sourced electricity to Santa Monica.  For the year 2020,
I again enjoy the honored privilege of being your Mayor, including presentation of your 2020 State of the City.

For many many years, I’ve updated an ongoing website explaining my stand on issues and sharing
my enthusiasm for our hometown.  After all this time, websites have become less sought after as
a source of information, and the software package I’d used for creating and updating pages and adding relevant videos became outdated (yes, I did all my website work myself).  Because the history of our work together on Santa Monica issues remains worth memorializing, I have left my website and all the videos and other references complete, here — but I shall no longer be updating it.

Archived artisanal website written and created by Kevin McKeown with iWeb and 100% recycled electrons.