One of the challenges of creating and maintaining effective, inclusive housing policies is making sure we provide safe, secure and supportive living space for people trying to put their lives back together after struggles with drugs and alcohol.  My efforts in that area were acknowledged by the L.A. County Sober Living Coalition with their 2010 “Humanitarian Award”.

Santa Monica

Councilmember Kevin McKeown


Kevin McKeown's support for the Sober Living Network is in part a product of his long-term friendship with our late founder, Ken Schonlau.

Kevin has helped engage other neighboring cities in working together on issues of homelessness, alcoholism, and addiction.  He continues to seek inter-city cooperation as one of Santa Monica's representatives to the Westside Cities Council of Governments.

In his other work on the Santa Monica City Council, Kevin focuses especially on affordable housing and environmental sustainability.  He devotes much time and energy to responding to residents, empowering them to get more effectively involved in local governance. 

Kevin is vice-chair of the Irish-American Caucus of the California Democratic Party, and was recently named 41st Assembly District Democrat of the Year.  He has also been awarded the Smith-Weiss Environmental Champion Award from the Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters, and was the first recipient of the Pico Youth and Family Center's Hope and Unity Award.

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From the 2010 Southern California Recovery Summit program booklet:

Kevin McKeown has been a Santa Monica City Councilmember since 1998.  Kevin serves as Council liaison to the Planning Commission and the Housing Commission, where he has supported both zoning for sober living options and funding for long-term recovery housing.

Kevin has also helped increase Santa Monica's financial support for detox and intake facilities, making sure alcoholics and addicts on the streets have somewhere to go.  He has taken a leadership role on better relationships between his city and local rehabilitation facilities, pointing out that recovery not only saves people but saves Santa Monica repetitive paramedic and hospital costs.